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Judith Granahan... giving voice to the modern day women.  

Fiction Author, Judith Granahan of Minnesota writes books about strong, intelligent, inventive women who get in trouble. The question is who will survive, who won't?

Women have always been described as super human to sniveling child, intelligent to incompetent, collaborator to cut throat; it goes on and on. With such varied attributes in mind, Granahan creates novels full of compelling characters dealing with mystery, danger, thrills, romance, horror, and difficult choices. Someday she may even write science fiction, fantasy or historical novels.

In her debut novel, Dancers of the Third Age, Anna Mae plants her feet squarely on her husband’s grave, looks around the cemetery, sees she’s the only person alive, slips her husband’s pistol out of her pocket, takes aim at where his head should be, then fires over and over. Later, sharing a terrible secret with two quasi friends, Anna Mae goes with them to try to rectify the mistake she made so long ago.

In Black Mountain, due out in the fall of 2013, heroine Mia discovers a million dollars has been stolen from the company. Believing the woman involved was murdered she still reports the theft. Discovering a second, much larger theft, Mia realizes she shouldn’t trust anyone. Who are the thieves? Can she outwit them?

Dancers of The Third Age

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"Dancers of the Third Age" takes place in present day Arizona and is a story of challenge and change. Liberty Price, a compulsive do-gooder, can only find volunteer positions that want a go-fer person and she's always been the go-to person.

Ginger Logan, a self-made millionaire, is happily maried for the fourth time. When her husband is diagnosed with prostrate cancer she revives her habit of keeping gin-laced lemonade in her reigerator. 

Anna Mae Brown is shy, timid and controlled by her husband. The police rule her husband's death was an accident but she's pretty sure she killed him. Turmoil erupts when one woman shares her long held dark secret with the other two.

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Black Mountain

" Black Mountain " is due for release in the fall of 2013.

 "Mia adds up the figures once again; nearly a million dollars has been stolen from the company and the woman she thinks did it is now dead. Who can she trust? "

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  2. " Black Mountain " is due for release in the fall of 2013.

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